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  • Vicksburg High School

    The Vicksburg High School project consisted of a 65,000 square feet expansion and 144,000 square feet of renovation to the existing Vicksburg High School.  This project included demo and removal of 18,000 square yards of existing pavement, approximately 90,000 cubic yards of imported select fill, including installing a 30 foot surcharge of imported material on the new building pad and letting it sit for 3 months before removing all material so that building foundation could begin.  Additionally, our team installed lime stabilization and limestone base for 19,000 square yards of new asphalt and concrete pavement and installed 6,500 linear feet of storm drainage, 1,000 feet of foundation drains, and 70 new storm drain inlets.  With over 50 feet of elevation changes across this site, erosion control and safety were of top priority.  This project required multiple phases and extensive scheduling and planning so that the entire school could continue operating while maintaining access and safety to the faculty, students, and workers on site.

    Vicksburg High School was originally built in 1958 and with zero renovations projects before this one.  Warren County approved an $83 million bond referendum in 2018 to finance the renovations, improvements, and additions for its entire school district.  The Vicksburg HS project was the largest in the district and now provides them with a state of the art facility that positions them to be one of the most innovative high schools in the country.