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  • Mississippi Aquarium

    The Mississippi Aquarium spans approximately 6 acres and is located in Gulfport, MS. This project included over 12,000 cubic yards (CY) of unclassified excavation, sanitary sewer, storm drainage, water mains, and grading for numerous buildings.  The Mississippi Aquarium also required construction of specialized exhibits and piping for the marine life and even a river. The project included the implementation of over 2 miles of underground fused HPDE piping and thousands of appurtenances serves as the Life Support System that collects and distributes water to all the aquariums tanks and exhibits.  Our team also installed 70 drainage structures and sewer manholes, which required an additional 10,000 +/- feet of storm drain, water, and sewer pipe (combined).  Due to the vast amount of underground utilities required on the project, our team participated in extensive scheduling, planning, work hours, manpower and the use of BIM (building information modeling) in order to successfully identify and resolve any underground conflicts prior to installation.

    The Mississippi Aquarium is a world class facility that has over 80,000 sf of exhibits, one million gallons of salt and fresh water, and represents education, conservation, and community.  The Mississippi Aquarium will tell the incredible story of all of Mississippi’s aquatic resources from the Delta to the coastline and the remarkable connection that ties all the state’s natural resources uniquely together.