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  • The Madison Health & Rehab

    The Madison Health & Rehab consisted of a new 47,000 square foot state of the art facility that is located in Madison, Mississippi. The project began in July 2020, with a scope that included 7 acres of clearing and grubbing, approximately 40,000 cubic yards of imported select fill material, erosion control, all site grading and 12,000 square yards of lime stabilization to provide a stable subbase below all concrete and asphalt paving. Additionally, the project also included the installation of 30 new storm drain inlets, a 1 acre retention pond and 2,500 linear feet of storm drain.

    Completed in October of 2021, The Madison Health and Rehab is a brand new beautiful 60 bed, Medicare and Medicaid certified, skilled nursing facility located in Madison, Mississippi. Unlike their old facility, the new one-story building allows for greater mobility for residents by eliminating the need for elevator use and increase the speed of evacuation in case of an emergency.  The facility includes three residential wings, two of those connected by a nurse’s station. One wing is devoted strictly to care for residents suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.